Working Papers

"The Influence of Peer Institutions on Colleges’ Decisions: Evidence from Fall 2020 Reopening Plans," with Riley Acton (Miami) and Allison Luedtke (St. Olaf).  Link  (R&R, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

"Progressivity of Pricing at U.S. Public Universities," with Sarah Turner (UVa). Tulane Working Paper Series #2103. Link (R&R, Economics of Education Review)

 "Competing Campuses: An Equilibrium Model of the U.S. Higher Education Market" (new version coming soon)

Published and Forthcoming

"Missed Exams and Lost Opportunities: Who Could Gain from Expanded College Admission Testing?," with Sarah Turner (UVA), AERA Open, 2019, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 1-20.

"Network Structure and Consolidation in the U.S. Airline Industry, 1990-2015," with Federico Ciliberto (UVA) and Jonathan W. Williams (UNC-Chapel Hill), The Review of Industrial Organization,, Volume 54, Issue 1, pp 3–36.

"Transitioning from High School to College: Differences across Virginia," with Jessie Romero (Richmond Fed) and Sarah Turner (UVA). Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Brief, 2017, 17-12.

Work in Progress

"College Financial Aid Policies," with Chao Fu (UW-Madison)

"Competition, Wages, and the Emergence of Computer Science Degree Programs in the U.S.," with Devaki Ghose (World Bank) and Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya (UVA)