Working Papers

"The Influence of Peer Institutions on Colleges’ Decisions: Evidence from Fall 2020 Reopening Plans," with Riley Acton (Miami) and Allison Luedtke (St. Olaf).  Link  (under review)

"Progressivity of Pricing at U.S. Public Universities," with Sarah Turner (UVa). Tulane Working Paper Series #2103. Link (R&R, Economics of Education Review)

 "Competing Campuses: An Equilibrium Model of the U.S. Higher Education Market" Link

Published and Forthcoming

"Missed Exams and Lost Opportunities: Who Could Gain from Expanded College Admission Testing?," with Sarah Turner (UVA), AERA Open, 2019, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 1-20.

"Network Structure and Consolidation in the U.S. Airline Industry, 1990-2015," with Federico Ciliberto (UVA) and Jonathan W. Williams (UNC-Chapel Hill), The Review of Industrial Organization,, Volume 54, Issue 1, pp 3–36.

"Transitioning from High School to College: Differences across Virginia," with Jessie Romero (Richmond Fed) and Sarah Turner (UVA). Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Brief, 2017, 17-12.

Work in Progress

"College Financial Aid Policies," with Chao Fu (UW-Madison)

"Competition, Wages, and the Emergence of Computer Science Degree Programs in the U.S.," with Devaki Ghose (World Bank) and Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya (UVA)